Huskybuy Evolution

HuskyBuy Evolution

Evolution Overview

Great news!  HuskyBuy, the current eProcurement portal, is being expanded to a more robust full-suite model.  Whether you currently enter your requisitions through HuskyBuy or through KFS, you will be pleased to know that beginning in the summer of 2018, the entire procurement process will be conducted in one system.  Users will have a seamless end-to-end experience from procurement to payment through a single environment in HuskyBuy [hosted by Jaggaer].  This expansion will provide a mechanism for easy ordering of both catalogue and non-catalogue items, as well as for the payment of all goods and services.  These exciting new system capabilities - including improved access through your mobile device - will increase ordering efficiency, standardize approval workflows, provide more accurate spend data, and allow greater visibility into order status and payment.   

News Updates

Sourcing Director

Production migration is completed.  Working to finalize the access for procurement.

Requisitioning and AP

5/1/18 User Acceptance Testing

4/16/18 Full system testing has begun

System configuration is 90% complete

3/19/18 Workshop 2 – Demo of system and feedback session

Pilot scheduled to go-live at the end of May

HuskyBuy Supplier Portal

7/2/18  Transition to the permanent New Supplier Request form

5/16/18  HuskyBuy Supplier Portal is Now Live!

5/14/18  HuskyBuy Supplier Portal goes live; departments begin using the temporary New Supplier Request form

5/4/18  Manual edits and new supplier edocs MUST be submitted into KFS by the end of business on May 4th. After that date, all new supplier requests must be submitted using the New Supplier Request form. Any supplier edits must be completed by the supplier using the HuskyBuy Supplier Portal.

5/4/18  Any PaymentWorks supplier that has previously received an invitation has until end of business on May 4th to complete the application. If the suppliers are unable to complete it by that date, the department will need to begin the process using the New Supplier Request form. We encourage you to contact your suppliers now and ask that they complete the application prior to May 4th so that they do not need to start the process anew.

4/25/18  PaymentWorks invitations are no longer being sent

4/19/18  The HuskyBuy Evolution project will add new functionality to the purchasing and payment process and is expected to go-live on July 2, 2018.  As part of the project, we will be transitioning from PaymentWorks to HuskyBuy Supplier Portal. We have a temporary transitional procedure for supplier adds and edits. This temporary procedure will run from Friday, May 4th through Monday, July 2nd. As of Wednesday evening on April 25th PaymentWorks will no longer be used to send invitations to suppliers. We have created a temporary web form for these requests. We will provide more detail and a link in a future communication.

A few things to note:

  • All in-process supplier applications need to be completed by Friday, May 4th. If not completed by then the supplier set-up process will have to be done via the web form .
  • During the week of May 7th, no new suppliers will be added to the system. If you submit a web form it will be held until the week of May 14th. We will have a process for emergency situations, please contact the HuskyBuy Support Team at 1-860-486-2289.
  • Communications to our suppliers are forthcoming to ensure they have a smooth transition into our new system.