Purchase Order Amendment Workflow KFS Enhancement

A new enhancement has been made and released to the UConn KFS environment that will give the Fiscal Officers the opportunity to Approve/Disapprove amendments to Purchase Orders which affect their accounts.
This enhancement will send the amendment to the Fiscal Officers action list, which you may already have seen. Fiscal Officers will be able to review notes, changes and associated support documentation that the Procurement Services team member has initiated. The only changes that the Fiscal Officer will be allowed to make is to the accounting information within the submitted document. The existing rules governing the original PO edoc will remain in place, just as with any other KFS document, where an FO can only change the account to one that they own. If other changes are needed, the FO will need to disapprove the document with a note back to the Purchasing Department as to why it is being disapproved.
Since the Purchase Order Amendment is a new document to the Fiscal Officer, this communication will show what the document looks like and the actions that can be taken by the FO.

For more information, please Download PO Amendment Announcement

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